About SIP Oasis & New Changes to Cybersecurity Compliance

About SIP Oasis & New Changes to Cybersecurity Compliance

When it comes to the safekeeping of your business IT systems and data storage, the importance of cybersecurity compliance cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Birmingham member, SIP Oasis offers safe, secure, and efficient IT solutions for businesses in Birmingham to ensure their data is safe and protected. Keep reading to learn more about their services and how they are changing the cybersecurity landscape for local businesses. 

Meet EO Birmingham Member Ron Shoe & Company SIP Oasis

SIP Oasis was founded in 2007 by Ron Shoe and Frank Moles with the goal of simplifying IT and telecommunication services. Ron, who previously worked for an internet provider, and Frank, who was a CIO of an insurance company, recognized the lack of accountability and the issues that existed between internet carriers and network administrators. They aimed to bridge this gap, known as the demarc, and began working to offer clients a single point of contact for all their technology needs. 

The primary goal of SIP Oasis is to provide clients with easy and reliable IT, cybersecurity, and telecommunication services. They understand the frustrations their clients face when their technology doesn’t work as expected and how difficult it can be to find a trusted resource to alleviate the problem. SIP Oasis serves as a one-stop shop for repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, and ongoing support for businesses of all sizes. 

Cybersecurity Compliance with SIP Oasis

Firstly, what is cyber security compliance? And why is it essential for businesses? Cybersecurity compliance refers to the adherence to a set of rules, regulations, and standards designed to protect sensitive data and information systems from cyber threats. It typically involves implementing security controls, policies, and procedures to meet specific requirements set by industry regulations, government laws, or internal organizational policies. In other words, these are the practices that are in place and continually working to keep your business data safe.

At SIP Oasis, their team regularly performs services like a compliance assessment to identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance with relevant regulations like HIPAA and the FTC Safeguards Rule. They also implement security controls like firewalls, data encryption, access controls, and other tools to protect systems and data, all managed fully by their Security Operations Center.

SIP Oasis can help your organization or business maintain the highest levels of security and protection for your most valuable assets, as well as provide ongoing support to ensure your systems and data are protected from threats for years to come. 

Learn More About SIP Oasis and Other EO Birmingham Members

SIP Oasis has been providing invaluable IT and telecommunication support for local businesses for more than 15 years, and they serve as an influential member of our chapter. In fact, Ron Shoe will be hosting a HIPAA webinar on healthcare cyber fraud on July 27, 2023 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.. Register for the event or sign up for a recording!

At EO Birmingham, we are a community of entrepreneurs with a common goal of business growth, personal development, and community engagement. If you are interested in learning more about SIP Oasis or becoming a member of the EO Birmingham chapter, feel free to contact us today!

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