How Some in Healthcare Are Attracting Talent: Building a Better Business

How Some in Healthcare Are Attracting Talent: Building a Better Business

building a better business

Alex Seligson, a managing partner of Cullman Clinical Trials, has been working with the company for the past 4 years. This business helps pharmaceutical companies get their medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Cullman Clinical Trials is a reliable, agile, and high enrolling site that streamlines FDA approval. Seligson has been a member of EO Birmingham for the past year and a half. 

Effects of Covid-19

As it can be stated and known across the entire healthcare industry, there are many issues that have arisen from the start of the virus and the pandemic. The triple threat includes: 

  1. A shortage in the nursing staff due to COVID-19;
  2. The scary reality of nurses (and other frontline workers) being exposed to COVID-19; and
  3. An overwhelming shortage of employees in the healthcare industry. 

This isn’t necessarily news to anyone as the entire world has been suffering from this virus while also reaping the negative side effects of the pandemic, lockdown, and more. 

Addressing the Issue

Cullman Clinical Trials is working hard to address the many issues that have hindered work at hospitals and clinics through executing several different methods of improvement. The company has seen positive outcomes. 

Some of the issues they are addressing include: 

#1: Paying Employees Earlier Than Usual

Despite the fact that paying employees earlier than normal has been increasing the company’s net costs sooner than they had expected, the turnover rate is exponentially greater than how they were previously doing it. How it’s done? They pay 10% more upfront just to keep their employees happy, so they don’t leave unexpectedly. 

Filling a spot in the healthcare industry is terribly difficult these days, which is the larger issue at hand. 

#2: Cultivating a Solid Culture

Whether cultivating a solid company culture started years ago or is starting now, it’s a necessary aspect that should be incorporated into all industries. As aforementioned, overall employee retainment is going down the drain, that’s why Cullman Clinical Trials is working hard to alleviate this issue by making changes. 

They work hard to keep their team happy and engaged throughout the day as they strive to make the daily work environment a friendly one. With the holiday season just behind us, it’s important to mention how they showed their appreciation to their employees. They had gift exchanges, threw holiday parties, and gave end-of-year bonuses. 

“When employees connect on a personal level, it creates friendships and there is nothing better in creating a solid culture than friendships. The more connected people feel, the less likely they are to leave,” says Seligson when referring to the investment of time and money that Cullman Clinical Trials to make their employees incredibly satisfied with their work environment.

Get Connected; Join the Team

Does this kind of work environment seem like something you want to be a part of? We thought so! To learn more about Cullman Clinical Trials and all they do to “cullman-nate”—pun intended—a positive work environment, visit their website to get connected. 

To get connected with EO Birmingham, visit our website to see if you would be interested or be a good fit for our program. We are looking forward to connecting with you. 

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