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graphic with locks, gears, and laptop.

About SIP Oasis & New Changes to Cybersecurity Compliance

Learn how SIP Oasis provides cybersecurity solutions to ensure businesses in Birmingham maintain the highest level of data protection and security.

homeinstead 25th anniversary

EO Member Spotlight: Dan Pahos, 25 Years in Business

For this spotlight, we’re highlighting Dan Pahos—and congratulating him on 25 years in business! Learn more about Dan and his business, Home Instead.

eo member, patrick gray

EO Member Spotlight: Patrick Gray

In this blog, we’re highlighting EO member Patrick Gray! Keep reading for more information on Patrick and his company, Post Enterprises.

eo member, bryan bell

EO Member Spotlight: Bryan Bell

We’re highlighting EO member Bryan Bell! Keep reading for more information on Bryan, his company, and his involvement with EO and our Accelerator Program.

lead generator for business

Importance of a Lead Generator for Business

The term “lead generator” might sound like just another marketing buzzword—but it’s crucial to your business’s success. Keep reading for more info.

quality job candidates

What Quality Job Candidates Are Now Looking For in a Place to Work

The right people for the job rarely just appear. Learn about the non-negotiables quality job candidates are looking for now more than ever.

Michael Weber, Weber Mortgage

EO Member Spotlight: Michael Weber, Weber Mortgage

Learn about Michael Weber, his company Weber Mortgage, and his experience with us at EO Birmingham.

building a better business

How Some in Healthcare Are Attracting Talent: Building a Better Business

Cullman Clinical Trials has been making big changes recently to retain workers and boost company morale amidst the pandemic. Learn more:

glen jacobson, swimming pool services

EO Member Spotlight: Glen Jacobson, Swimming Pool Services

Glen Jacobson is the owner of Swimming Pool Services, a Birmingham-based swimming pool and hot tub installer. Learn about his career ventures and experience with EO Birmingham!

issues in supply chain

Here’s How Some Companies Are Handling Issues in Supply Chain

Learn first-hand about the supply chain issues that Steve Sikora is dealing with at Red Wing Shoes and how he’s handling them. Read on for more!

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