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How Entrepreneurs Build Their Dream Teams

Entrepreneurs are often seen as lone wolves—extremely driven people wearing many hats. But your business takes a team. Here’s how to build a great one.

business online

How to Move Your Business Online

Whether the pandemic forced you to close your storefront, or you’ve been intrigued by online businesses for a while, we’ll help you make the transition.

Three Morning Routine Mistakes That Ruin Productivity and Peace

Learn how to avoid three common morning mistakes so that you can increase your productivity, your personal satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Prepare Your HR for a Post-Pandemic World

Entrepreneurs are learning that some changes made during the global pandemic may stick around and actually impact their business for the better as they shift to a “new normal.”

What I’ve Learned From COVID-19: An Interview with EO Birmingham Members

COVID-19 has taught us a lot about our businesses, and how well they can adapt to this new normal we all live in. Here’s what our members have learned from COVID-19.

Getting Back to Business After COVID-19

The semi-lockdown may have only lasted a few months, but the impact of COVID-19 on the business sector is just getting ramped up. If you’re scrambling to figure out your strategy now that we’re starting to come out of all this, you’re in good company: CEOs, owners, and company presidents are all in that boat, […]

Need Financial Assistance for Your Business? EO Has a List of Resources

During the pandemic, small businesses have been left particularly vulnerable due to mandatory closing. We have a list of resources to help provide your business with financial assistance.

5 Small Business Relief Programs to Check Into After COVID-19

COVID-19 has been affecting small and large businesses alike. With loss of revenue, many businesses are fighting to stay afloat. Here are a few programs to look into after COVID-19.

How to Get Off the Entrepreneurial Plateau

Hitting a plateau as an entrepreneur may feel like the end, but it shouldn’t! However, if you’re feeling stuck, you may need a little nudge in the right direction. Keep reading.

Andrew Pahos

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Andrew Pharo

Tell Us About Your Background and Career Journey   I was born into an entrepreneurial family. Everyone in my home had a regular job and a “hustle.”  My first job was as a neighborhood paperboy in Crestwood/Forest Park. I transitioned to the “big money” jobs at about 14—I was a busboy at Silvertron Cafe and did […]

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