Entrepreneur Spotlight: Andrew Pharo

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Andrew Pharo

Andrew Pahos

Tell Us About Your Background and Career Journey  

I was born into an entrepreneurial family. Everyone in my home had a regular job and a “hustle.”  My first job was as a neighborhood paperboy in Crestwood/Forest Park. I transitioned to the “big money” jobs at about 14—I was a busboy at Silvertron Cafe and did neighborhood yard service. I immediately recognized that I preferred working for myself instead of someone else.  

What Made You Decide to Pursue Your Current Line of Business, and What has Made You Decide to Stick with It?

My main responsibility is as CEO of Cahaba Brewing. I love people, numbers, challenges, and beer. The ability to use my business experiences and data to successfully build and grow Cahaba continues to be very fulfilling. The satisfaction of creating a sustainable business model and the enrichment it has provided to my partners and our staff is what keeps me engaged.

What’s the Best Part About Being an Entrepreneur?

The ability to control my own destiny is very appealing. The rewards for success are personal validation and enrichment for everyone involved. The risk of failure is daunting, but always leads to more knowledge gained. So with the right attitude and an open mind, it’s a win-win no matter what. Conceptualizing a process, being able to find the right players, and seeing that concept through to fruition is extremely satisfying—and once some level of success is gained, it allows me to explore other business opportunities or take some time to enjoy my family.

What’s the Hardest Part of Being an Entrepreneur?

The challenges that come along with being an entrepreneur are many—too many to list. Juggling business and family time is very difficult. Managing people and getting buy-ins is difficult. Staying organized and following through can be difficult. Acquiring capital is difficult.  Change is difficult—and one of the most important attributes of a good entrepreneur is the ability to continually change and adapt to current market demands.  

What Advice Would You Give to New Entrepreneurs?

My advice to entrepreneurs is to always put one foot in front of another. Keep chipping away and pushing forward no matter how daunting things may get. Hard work pays off. As they say, if you don’t fail at something every now and then you may not be trying hard enough.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, never pass up an appropriate opportunity for free advertising—so come on down and join us for a beer at Cahaba soon. We accept cash or credit cards and appreciate y’all’s support.  


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