Member Profile: Jay Spratling

Member Profile: Jay Spratling

jay spratling

EO Birmingham consists of some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs and business owners in the area. One member – Jay Spratling – is an example of how our members not only succeed in their business ventures, but also in helping their communities.

Jay has been an EO Birmingham member for the past two years. He grew up in Talladega and attended Auburn University in Montgomery (AUM) and Alabama State University. After working with a partner for a year and a half, he noticed an opportunity in the corporate facilities market and created his own company – Corporate Facilities Management – which supplies janitorial and maintenance services to buildings all across the Birmingham area.

Like many of our members, Jay became involved in EO Birmingham through the influence of a mentor – in his case, Mark Johnson, the founder and CEO of Creative Benefit Solutions, LLC. As a member, he’s been able to connect with his peers and use their insight to improve his business, while helping them do the same for their ventures.

Jay believes EO Birmingham has made him a better business owner because “EO members are able to give you honest, real-life advice from examples of what they’ve gone through in their own lives.” And while he has been able to build relationships and drive new business from being a member of the group, the real value to him comes from the personal development benefits that the organization offers.

Over the next three to five years, Jay would like to see more people become aware of EO Birmingham and what it has to offer. He believes the organization is “an amazing resource” and wants to see others enjoy the benefits he has over the past two years.

Like many of our members, Jay is heavily involved in the community. Jay works with Turning Dreams Into Realities, where he’s able to mentor kids and give them guidance to help them avoid missteps that he’s made in his own life. Turning Dreams Into Realities also offers scholarships, something that Jay believes will help these kids take steps that may not have been open to them previously.

Jay is also always willing to mentor others. He has had plenty of experiences in his life, good and bad, and has accumulated wisdom that comes with being an entrepreneur and taking risks. He and Corporate Facilities Management both seek to guide those in need of guidance; to provide a caring source of mentorship to those who would benefit from an experienced hand. Jay is interested in speaking opportunities for youth groups, schools, and nonprofits.

If you’re interested in learning more about EO Birmingham and possibly becoming a member like Jay, contact us.

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