EO Member Spotlight: Bryan Bell

EO Member Spotlight: Bryan Bell

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In this blog, we’re highlighting the owner of Spec16 Lighting and EO member: Bryan Bell! Keep reading for more information on Bryan, his company, and his involvement with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Birmingham. 

Membership Experience

Bryan Bell became a member of EO this year—but, before he officially joined, he was a part of our Accelerator Program! Seeing the events and learning opportunities EO had to offer—as well as seeing how community-minded the organization was—encouraged him to become an official member. 

The biggest EO benefit for Bryan? Learning from other Birmingham entrepreneurs! There’s nothing more valuable than speaking in confidence with your peers to feel understood and learn something new. Bryan’s best advice for other entrepreneurs is to never stop learning

In regard to his company, Spec16 Lighting, EO taught Bryan one of the most important lessons in business: how to accurately measure success. 

About Spec16 Lighting

Bryan Bell has been in the lighting industry for more than 20 years, and has been owner of Spec16 Lighting for over three years. They offer a full array of lighting products and services for the built environment. Bryan and his staff serve clients well—because they know that lighting is experienced, not just seen! Spec16 will make sure that experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

Spec16 Lighting can be best summed up in its core values:

  • Relationships;
  • Visual Comfort;
  • Reliability;
  • Precision.

As a company that believes in people, experiences, and beauty in the details, you know you’ll have an incredible lighting experience with Spec16 Lighting. For more information, check them out here

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