EO Member Spotlight: Dudley Dickerson

EO Member Spotlight: Dudley Dickerson

dudley dickerson

Dudley Dickerson, founder and CEO of Enviro Management Corporation, has been consulting companies from an environmental platform—specializing in water and safety services throughout Irondale, AL. By helping clients stay in compliance with OSHA regulations and other work-mandated permits, Enviro Management Corporation strives to provide all the answers their clients need. 

Dudley studied at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Since 1989, he has been the proud owner of EMC, which strives to perform a suite of health and safety services that entail water quality compliance testing, petroleum testing, safety, OSHA training, and more. For the past 32 years, he has worked to help maintain clean water sources for all of Irondale. 

Membership with EO Birmingham 

Dudley first became interested in joining EO Birmingham in 2013. This came about from those in his circle: He knew a fair amount of entrepreneurs that were members. For him, joining EO wasn’t a difficult choice. He knew good people filled our ranks, and that EO provided an avenue to help out his company, keep it growing, and offer assistance with its structure. 

According to him, the biggest benefit to being an EO Birmingham member comes from all the shared experiences that he has with organizational colleagues. He knows that each member belongs to a completely different industry, which offers a large variety (and volume) of perspectives. All our members share their experiences, describing and discussing similar hurdles and challenges that are all entrepreneur-oriented in some form or another. This offers everyone a safe and secure forum to talk through those challenges, together. 

Through his membership with EO Birmingham, Dudley has learned that it’s his job to motivate his employees effectively in order for company needs to be continually met and expectations exceeded. In effect, Dudley has learned the value of working on the company, not just in the company!

To learn more about Enviro Management Corporation, you can visit their website here. If you’d like to learn how you can also become a member of EO Birmingham and join a thriving entrepreneurial community, visit our website at your earliest convenience. 

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