EO Member Spotlight: Jason Lovoy

EO Member Spotlight: Jason Lovoy

Jason Lovoy, EO Birmingham

President of both Infomedia and Uptick Marketing, Jason Lovoy leads as “one of the people”—while building his two businesses to high levels of success. He exudes friendliness and a strong, yet natural, business presence. After graduating from Auburn, Jason attended Samford University for a BSBA in Management. Over the last 20 years, he has received several awards in leadership in the Birmingham community and has cemented himself as a prominent player in EO Birmingham. Not only that, he is a dedicated father of four and a husband who constantly welcomes others into his home. 

In 2000, he joined the Infomedia team as general manager. After proving himself diligent and successful, he entered into the role of company president in 2010. As a company, Infomedia serves to integrate and grow a business’ online presence toward increased conversions, sales, and revenue. They are one of the oldest industry players in the nation. 

During his tenure as president of Infomedia, an off-shoot company, Uptick Marketing, sprang forth in 2014. This sister company, with a primary focus on digital marketing, is one of the fastest-growing companies in Birmingham, and has been ranked among Birmingham’s Best Places to Work. Uptick Marketing’s goal is simple—to partner and grow with businesses via a suite of offered services, including: search engine optimization (SEO), local search optimization, content marketing, social media strategy, paid advertising, and more. 

Membership with EO Birmingham

Jason was invited to join EO Birmingham a few times and officially committed to membership in 2013. For the past eight years, his membership has provided many benefits. Jason explains, “It sounds cheesy, but people say it’s lonely at the top. It’s good to know that I have a community of other members in EO who validate my struggles and celebrate my victories.” 

Furthermore, there are levels of trust and accountability that surround the relationships between EO members—something Jason has seen first-hand. For instance, he gives EO a lot of credit for helping to start Uptick because he “had the idea, pitched it, and the community of members encouraged [him] to take the next big steps.” EO’s confidential, judgment-free zone creates a safe space for like-minded business people to talk openly and bounce ideas off one another. EO’s core MO comes from the idea that imposing a “should” shouldn’t happen. Rather than telling others how to operate their business, members of EO Birmingham share their past experiences. 

How to Learn More

Interested in diving deeper into Jason’s professional ventures? Learn more about Infomedia and Uptick Marketing at your leisure. Want to become a part of  EO Birmingham? Head to our website, fill out an interest form, and apply today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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