EO Member Spotlight: Justin Hardy

EO Member Spotlight: Justin Hardy

Justin Hardy, EO Birmingham

Justin Hardy, founder and CEO of Switch AV & Security, has been providing technology experiences to make life better for homeowners and businesses throughout Birmingham, AL. By helping Birmingham residents fall in love with their home theater and solving local business’ communication problems, Switch strives to help their customers be more productive and independent—so they can enjoy a better overall experience.  

About Justin

Hardy studied at Auburn University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Structural Engineering. He served as a Senior Project Engineer at Alcoa in his early post-grad years. After about 6 years, he founded Birmingham Home Theater where he designed, sold, and installed premier entertainment systems to create the ultimate home and business experiences. About 5 years later, he created Switch Audio Video. 

He describes the employees of Switch AV as “a group of geeky techs delivering the very best in residential and commercial audio/video & security services.” Justin’s vision at Birmingham Home Theater was to create exceptional entertainment services. Therefore, Switch Audio Video was born with the hopes to provide the highest quality products and services. The company’s goal is to live out its three core values with hopes of making life better through its technology services and experiences. For almost 11 years they’ve been preaching: 

  • LOVE like there’s no tomorrow.
  • WORK like you don’t need the money.
  • REST like you’ve earned it. 

The company values align with its high level of commitment. They prove to be an experience-based company with an extremely easy-to-use system (or your money back, guaranteed) that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a personalized technology system. 

Becoming an EO Birmingham Member

Hardy connected with EO Birmingham in 2015 and found it to be the best community of entrepreneurial leaders in Birmingham. During his membership, Justin has served as President, Learning Chair (twice), Integration Chair, Accelerator Chair, and is currently serving as the Strategic Alliance Partner Chair. By serving in these roles, Hardy has learned the value in hiring great people, honestly knowing your numbers, and the value in bouncing ideas off of  fellow entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about Switch AV & Security, visit their website. To learn more about becoming a member of EO Birmingham, check out our website as well! 

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