EO Member Spotlight: Michael Weber, Weber Mortgage

EO Member Spotlight: Michael Weber, Weber Mortgage

Michael Weber, Weber Mortgage

Michael Weber is the president and owner of Weber Mortgage, which is a 22-year-old and second-generation mortgage brokerage company located in Birmingham, Alabama. The initial and overall goal of the business is to help friends, family, and all their other customers use their home mortgage as a tool to achieve their financial goals. The largest debt most people ever owe is their mortgage, so Weber Mortgage has shifted the perspective of many people and turned their debt into their largest asset-–a forever home! 

By focusing on educating their clients about the overall mortgage process, their clients get a deeper understanding of what a smooth and stress-free mortgage should look like. Weber Mortgage knows that financing for a home can be a daunting task, that’s why they make it as pleasurable of an experience as possible. 

The loan process is laid out in 6 simple steps: 

#1: Pre-approved loans for a smooth home buying process 

#2: Start the home hunting process with a real estate agent 

#3: Begin the loan application 

#4: Assemble the paperwork for loan processing 

#5: Underwrite the documentation in the loan package

#6: Close on the house! 

Like many other businesses, there are various “seasons” that Weber Mortgage has gone through to get where they’re at now. Sometimes to get a successfully executed strategy, the company must get in the weeds to adjust, but thankfully EO Birmingham was there to help. 

Membership Experience

Michael has been a member of EO Birmingham since 2016. When he was first introduced to the program, he knew that he would gain incredible business experience and mentorship designed to grow everyone’s businesses. 

With the fellowship aspect of EO being the most important part of his membership experience, Weber says that he enjoys bouncing ideas off others while getting advice from others who have dealt with similar challenges. 

Get Connected

Since 1999, Weber Mortgage has turned clients into friends through the entire home loan process. To get connected and learn more about Weber Mortgage, check out their website! To learn more about EO Birmingham and other ways to get involved, visit our website!

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