Learn About EO Birmingham and Our Upcoming Events

Learn About EO Birmingham and Our Upcoming Events


The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, or EO, is a global network of entrepreneurs looking to learn, grow, and connect. Our local Birmingham chapter brings together like-minded men and women who are looking to do just that—achieve their goals, collaborate with others, and engage with their community. We were established in 2002, and over the past 17 years, we have worked together to set each other on paths to professional and personal achievement. There are numerous opportunities available through the organization, including peer-to-peer learning and local events. Keep reading to learn about our events that are just around the corner!

On September 16th, we are holding our “Free Look” Accelerator Day at Innovation Depot. You’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow Birmingham business leaders at this free event. Greg Crabtree will be the keynote speaker of this event and will also participate in a panel discussion with current EO Birmingham Accelerator participants. 

Also on September 16th, we will hold a Topgolf Social right here in Birmingham. This is a great opportunity to network and get to know the other people in your organization!

On September 23rd, we have our EO Accelerator “Cash Day” at Innovation Depot. At this event, we will explore the journey from spending a dollar on growth to earning that dollar back in revenue through examining cash acceleration strategies. After this event, you’ll have immediately actionable ways to take apply to your business. 

And on October 16, we will be holding a Moderator Training, location TBD. This event is free for EO Birmingham members, but will be $300 for members of an EO chapter outside of Birmingham. 

We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming weeks! And learn more about becoming a member here.

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