Our Accelerator Program: Entrepreneurship Resource Spotlight

Our Accelerator Program: Entrepreneurship Resource Spotlight

Accelerator Program

Our Accelerator program, at its core, has been designed to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability, and community to aggressively grow and master their business. The path for an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily the easiest with all the challenges that come with it every day. Our Accelerator program is the catalyst that will catapult your business from the first stage and to what you’ve been dreaming of achieving.

Our EO Accelerator program has been active in over 50 cities worldwide which is a great success. Our hope is that it continues to grow. With that said, our curriculum is complete with strategy building, personal development, connections, and more. So, what makes our program so unique? 

The Curriculum

When joining this program, the goal is growth in all areas. The keys to sustainable, top-line growth come from knowing your customer, developing and strategizing a clear brand mission, and expanding upon the BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for your business revenue growth.  

It can be said that “good is the enemy of great.” One common challenge that sneaks up on companies during their growth phase is the transition from complacency and poor execution to excellent and precise execution. Be sure to align team members, making sure everyone is contributing in the right areas. By tightening up your execution habits, there is a higher chance to improve your gross margins and profitability. Our hope is to encourage companies to explore different avenues of cash-growth strategies. 

Accountability Groups

As an EO Accelerator member, you will be placed in a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs who will push each other to greater success both personally and professionally. Whether it’s in a classroom with peer interaction or in a coffee shop with your accountability group, each participant will be provided with a framework of tools that can keep them on track with their goals. 

Being able to meet quarterly with the entrepreneurs in your area will allow members to bounce questions, ideas, and concerns off one another, harvesting successful conversations. The quarterly program meeting will be led by a trained facilitator chosen by EO Birmingham. They act as a moderator who is dedicated to bringing their experiences and connections to the group. 

Membership Requirements and Application

Our membership is not taken lightly—we have many requirements that one must meet in order to qualify for membership. To apply for admission to the Accelerator program, one must: 

  • Complete the application for the initial membership; 
  • Be the owner and/or founder of a business with a gross revenue stream between $250,000 to $1 million per year;
  • Meet with the local Entrepreneur’s Organization groups (i.e. EO Birmingham) 

Benefits of the Program

There are many benefits to joining EO Birmingham, but what specifically about the Accelerator program? The program meetings, which are facilitated by current EO members, include a four-day learning session over the calendar year, one per quarter. Additionally, the monthly accountability group meetings are implemented to pursue higher goals for each individual member as well as their company. The program also gives its members various goal setting and tracking tools as well as access to every EO event, locally and globally. 

Ultimately, the Accelerator program covers content over 4 main pillars of running a business successfully. Those include: 

#1: Strategy

#2: Execution

#3: Cash

#4: People

Sign Up and Apply

Contact us and apply to become a member with EO Birmingham today. Why? Our goal is to help you grow your business through connections, events, mentorships, and more! Don’t miss out, join our Accelerator program!  

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