Solopreneurship: Doing It Right

Solopreneurship: Doing It Right


If you’re a solopreneur, you’re running things completely on your own. You’re juggling everything that needs to be done—you’re scheduling meetings, planning social media, handling the finances, and everything else. There are a lot of benefits to doing things this way. You get to do things entirely your way, and there’s a lot of flexibility both in time and processes. This also means, however, that you have to be intentional with every second, because it takes a lot of time and energy. 

It’ll be really hard sometimes. Old friends will ask you if you’re doing okay, or if you have a “real job” to support yourself. People won’t understand what you’re trying to build, even if you explain it to them a hundred times—but that’s okay. You’re building something you care about, all on your own. That’s incredible. Keep doing what you’re doing, and take some of these tips to make life easier. 

Solopreneurship Tips

One of the biggest benefits to solopreneurship is the freedom it gives you. You can develop your own methods and processes, and you can do things on your time. Of course, you’re responsible if anything goes wrong, but it means you can do exactly what works best for you. This flexibility allows for a lot of experimentation. Try out different methods, and find the ones that work best for your specific business. 

Where you work matters, big time. Not everyone works well in the same space. Some people are very productive at home, but for others it’s too comfortable, or they feel they need a change of scenery. While working from home is certainly the most economical option, consider what’s best for you. See if there are co-working spaces available in your area, or find a reasonable space of your own. If you are working from home, have a designated room for work, complete with everything you need to get things done efficiently. Find somewhere, wherever it is, that fosters productivity in you. 

Focus on one thing at a time. This is essential to not getting overwhelmed with the many hats you have to wear. Decide on your most pressing task, and block off enough time to complete it. During this time, try not to answer calls or emails. You’ll be much more efficient if you avoid distractions—that includes thinking about your next task, or the other things you have to do that day. 

Just because you run your business alone, doesn’t mean you should be alone. Being a solopreneur means lots of meetings and networking all the time! It’s best if you lean into it—it will only help your business and your sanity. Maybe your specific business doesn’t require a lot of talking. If so, you should join communities or groups (in real life, or online) of other people like you. You get to decide everything for your business, but that also means you have limited perspective. Other solopreneurs can offer fresh insight, business advice, and productivity tips you might not have thought of. Support is a huge success factor in solopreneurship. 

Celebrate! Your milestones, big and small, should be celebrated. Without a team of people around you, solopreneurship can feel lonely sometimes, especially if you aren’t one to enjoy the spotlight. Take time to celebrate with your friends or family when you accomplish something—because everything you achieve, you achieve alone and that’s both impressive and worth celebrating. 

Patience and commitments are musts when it comes to solopreneurship, but you’ve got this. Take these tips, readjust where you need to, and keep going! For more tips, advice, and support, contact EO Birmingham today.

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