Thanksgiving Party Ideas Your Business Will Gobble Up

Thanksgiving Party Ideas Your Business Will Gobble Up

thanksgiving party ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner—so spice up your office with some festive celebration activities. Traditionally a holiday spent with family, friends, and loved ones around the dinner table, Thanksgiving is ultimately about giving thanks. You can do that right at the office, where many of us spend the majority of our time! In fact, you can offer appreciation, encouragement, and giving back to your work family. Let’s look at some Thanksgiving party ideas that will help you do just that. 

Organize a Team Activity

While giving gifts is typically associated with Christmas, Thanksgiving gifts are a special way to show appreciation and gratitude to those you work with. Try organizing a “Teamsgiving” event where each person picks a name out of a hat to give a gift to. There is no need to break the bank: You can DIY a creative gift to show your appreciation. 

Create a “Thank You” Wall

Whether it’s through Post-It notes or a fun bulletin board full of cards, having a “thank you” wall is a special way to give everyone an opportunity to share the reasons they are thankful for one another. Encouragement and kindness are great ways to create a healthy and inviting work atmosphere!

Tell Your Story

Just like we have a story on Thanksgiving’s origins, your company likely has an origin story too. Recruit a few employees to write and perform your company’s story. It’s a sweet way to remember the beginning years, recall funny inside jokes, and reminisce (and recognize) how far your company has come

Compete In Festive Games

You could also create festive games that channels the Thanksgiving spirit. Try pumpkin bowling, Thanksgiving bingo, roll-a-turkey, Pumpkin checkers, and more! You can present the winners with a festive gift such as homemade dessert. 

Hold a Recipe Contest

Gather all your old, holiday recipes! Hold a recipe contest where your employees can show off their family favorites. Have scorecards for voting, and the winner can win a prize—maybe they can even go home early! This can also double as a potluck where your office can gather as a group for lunch. 

Give Back as a Group

Join together as a group and give back to your community! By joining a canned food drive, packing school supplies, helping build a house, or running a 5K as a team, your office will get to experience something wonderful that gives back and builds camaraderie. 

Get Creative!

These are only a few of the ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving in your office this year! Get creative with all the ways you can get into the Thanksgiving spirit with your employees. It’s a great time to show gratitude to the people that help your business prosper and your community at large

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