Three Morning Routine Mistakes That Ruin Productivity and Peace

Three Morning Routine Mistakes That Ruin Productivity and Peace

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Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, nearly everyone agrees that how you begin your morning can make a big impact on the rest of your day. Entrepreneurs can find a variety of tricks and life hacks designed to save time or make them more productive. 

However, there are three mistakes most of us make in the morning that negatively impact our work flow for the rest of the day. 

Immediately Reconnecting

Especially if you use your mobile device as your morning alarm, this mistake is nearly impossible to avoid. A recent study suggested that nearly 25% of all adults check their phones within one minute of waking up. It’s tempting to believe that this jumpstarts your productivity since you can immediately access emails, work notifications, and social media.

However, the best thing you can do for your productivity is to take advantage of the first hour of your day to gather your thoughts, practice mindfulness, and set goals for your day. Look inward before you look outward. The external stressors can wait.

Consider switching to an old-fashioned alarm clock rather than using your mobile device. By purposely avoiding your phone when you first wake up, you can begin to develop a more healthy and balanced morning routine. 

Rushing Out of Bed

This mistake may sound counterintuitive at first. After all, jumping out of bed sounds better than hitting the snooze button, right? 

But waking up to an immediate hustle of activity can jolt your body into shock. Chances are you’ll feel more disconnected and frantic than efficient. 

A better idea is to set your alarm a few minutes earlier, and take a moment after the alarm goes off to stretch your body and slowly begin to move into your basic morning routine. Researchers have made a connection between stretching and confidence.  Stretching and easing into motion can energize your body and actually make you feel more confident going into the day. 

Avoiding the Early Wake Up Call

Studies have shown that early mornings are typically the most productive time of the day for the majority of people. Even if you feel groggy, your mind is at its sharpest and optimal performance mode first thing in the morning. Research continues to connect the best problem solving and creativity abilities to those early morning hours. 

It’s in your best interest to get enough sleep, but not too much sleep. If you’re an entrepreneur, use your morning to tackle the most mentally demanding tasks for the day. 

Ironically, there seems to be a correlation between income and sleep habits as well. Most self described “early-birds” report a greater level of productive time throughout the day, and that productivity translates to dollars. On average, people who wake up earlier earn $15,000 more per year than those who sleep later. 

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