Entrepreneurs in the Community: SAP Spotlight


Mutually beneficial relationships are what drive our organization. Read on to learn about becoming a Strategic Alliance Partner with EO.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jason Lovoy


We had the opportunity to sit down with EO Birmingham member Jason Lovoy to talk about his experience being an entrepreneur in the digital age. Read on!

Selling Online: Marketplaces vs. Web Stores

online business

The e-commerce industry is incredibly saturated, but that means there are plenty of options to choose from. There are so many third-party marketplaces, and so many platforms to host your own web store on—how do you even start to choose? We outline the pros and cons of both options here, so you can make an […]

Small Business Accelerator vs. Incubator: What’s the Difference?

small business accelerator

Starting a new business is never easy—most of us know that it takes much more than a great idea and a little bit of drive to achieve our entrepreneurial goals. In order to make it, new entrepreneurs need access to capital, mentoring, and structural resources, but sometimes these can be hard to find. That’s why […]

Which Social Media Platforms Should My Business Be On?

social media for business

At this point we all know how important having a strong presence on social media is to any business, but the most common social strategy mistake comes when you stop there. It’s easy to understand the importance of social media platforms without being able to navigate making them work for your specific business. One of […]

EO Birmingham’s Trip to China

eo birmingham

EO Birmingham recently attended the annual Global Leadership Conference in China and came back with new insight and experience. Read on for what they learned!

Are Entrepreneurs Made—or Are They Born?


Research has recently revealed that most entrepreneurs are born, not made—but there’s a pretty huge catch. Keep reading for the full findings!

When it’s Time to Quit Your Day Job


You’ve been sitting on a great idea for a while—an idea you want to turn into a business! But when’s the right time to take the entrepreneurial leap? Read on.

Financial Literacy Month

financial literacy

We’ve put together our top financial tips for entrepreneurs, from novices to seasoned business persons. Keep reading for ways to sharpen your skills!

Challenges You Should Expect as an Entrepreneur

man rubbing bridge of nose

You’ll encounter a myriad of challenges as an entrepreneur, but these are the most common. Keep reading for how to tackle them and achieve your goals!

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